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ERA 5″ Frame Kit

ERA 5″ Frame Kit

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Discover the next revolution in FPV freestyle frames with the ERA. Combining unmatched flight performance and top-tier durability.

Introducing the toughest FPV camera cage ever. Crafted from a special nylon polymer blend, it absorbs impact energy to provide unparalleled protection for your FPV camera. This lightweight, durable cage outperforms traditional CNC aluminum designs, enhancing both robustness and flight performance.

With a quick swap function, you can install or remove your action camera with just one screw. The mount offers a fixed 20-degree angle, customizable with different mounts.

The compressed X frame design provides optimal stability and responsiveness for pitch and roll. Its split deck design saves weight without compromising durability.

A frame developed by pilots for pilots.

Note: ELRS Antenna Holder, Action Cam Mounts and Electronics are not included.

Note to customers outside the EU: Price does not include tax.



Up to 55% stronger carbon fiber than typical FPV frames
Super durable nylon camera cage
Nylon-kevlar battery straps
Super sticky lipo pad
Injection molded wire protector
20 degree standard camera angle
Three point bell protection
One screw arm swap
One screw action camera swap




7075 Aluminium standoffs
Compressed X frame geometry
12.9 hardened steel hardware
Fits up to 5.2" propellers
Wheelbase 225mm
Stack mounting 30.5x30.5mm, 20x20mm
Motor mounting 16x16mm
Camera mounting up to 20x20mm
VTX mounting 20x20mm, 25.5x25.5mm


Scope of delivery

Injection molded hardware

1x Nylon Camera Cage

4x Skids

4x Wire Protector

Carbon fiber frame parts

1x Bottom Plate Front CF 2,5mm

1x Bottom Plate Back CF 2mm

4x Arm CF 6mm

1x Top Plate

1x Interlock


4x 20mm Standoffs 7075

15x 8mm M3 Buttonhead 12.9

16x 10mm M3 Buttonhead 12.9

5x 12mm M3 Caphead 12.9

4x 20mm Countersunk V2A

1x 22mm M3 Countersunk

5x M3 Pressnut

4x 18mm M2 Caphead 12.9

4x 7mm M2 Caphead 12.9

4x 6mm M2 Caphead 12.9

4x 4mm M2 Caphead 12.9

4x Lock nut M2

4x 9mm M1.6 Caphead 12.9

3D Print Hardware

4x TPU Camera Inserts (fits O3, Walksnail Nebula Pro and Vista, Runcam Wasp)

1x AWG14 Lead Holder

1x VTX Antenna Holder


2x Super Sticky Lipo Pad

2x Nylon-kevlar Battery Straps (length 250mm)

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Action Camera Mounts

Available seperately for the nylon camera cage.

Available in 10-30° angles.

  • GoPro 9,10,11,12
  • GoPro 11 Mini
  • DJI Action 2

If you have a 3D printer, you can download the mounts from the 3D Printed Hardware page for free.

3D Printed Hardware

Assembly Guide

How to build ERA?

Check out down below.

PDF Download

Build Suggestion

We created a page on to showcase our recommended setups for freestyle.

Head over to see the latest setups including PID and Filter tune.

Get a perfect flying quad without any hassle.


The Making of ERA

Our greatest challenge. One and a half years of development.

Hear our story

Build Tutorial